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caseSHARE and iArchives Partner to Offer Enhanced Search Functionality For Litigation Documents

Derek Cordon

Russ Wilding

Denver, CO (June 15, 2006) - caseSHARE Systems, Inc. a leading provider of online repository systems has teamed with iArchives, a premier provider of document digitization and OCR conversion services for the legal industry, to provide more accurate search returns for litigation documents.

With the collaboration of these two companies, users of caseSHARE's Catalyst Repository will be able to search documents using iArchives' patented technology, Optical Word Recognition (OWR™).

"OWR technology adds a new level of accuracy for the OCR of scanned documents," explained Larry Barela, caseSHARE's CTO. "Most OCR engines scan the document a single time. If they can capture the word our users can find it in the document. However, if it can't read the word correctly, the search may fail."

"The OWR process uses three different OCR engines to analyze each word," Barela continued. "If all three engines agree, then the word has probably been recognized correctly. If the engines disagree about the correct spelling of a word, then the OWR system will include each different spelling in the index. That way, the search is much more likely to succeed. Each possible spelling is captured in the index."

"This is a pretty revolutionary approach," noted John Tredennick, caseSHARE's CEO. "We have worked with systems that use multiple OCR engines for improved accuracy. But when the engines disagree, the system takes a vote. If two engines agree, that interpretation is used in the index. With OWR, both words would be included—the one chosen by the two engines plus the third one. Bringing a new level of search accuracy to our users is a key reason why we are excited about our new partnership with iArchives."

With caseSHARE and OWR™ technology working together, users can expect a higher degree of accuracy in hit highlighting of search results, which in turn facilitates a more effective document review process. "Sometimes an errant character can make the difference in finding or skipping a potential hit," stated John Tredennick, CEO of caseSHARE. "The more we can continue to do to increase accuracy rates the more effective our clients become."

About iArchives

iArchives, Inc., is a leader in document digitization and conversion services. The company specializes in producing fully searchable, online documents from paper and microfilm. iArchives utilizes its own patented OCR framework, known as Optical Word Recognition™ (OWR) and image enhancement processes resulting in unmatched search accuracy for the legal industry.
For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit http://www.iarchives.com or call 801-494-6500.

About caseSHARE Systems, Inc.

caseSHARE provides secure online repository applications that help legal teams review large quantities of electronic documents and work together on complex legal matters. Delivered "On Demand", the systems offer a compelling alternative to enterprise software, particularly in situations involving multiple organizations.
Benefits include rapid deployment, world-class security, significant cost savings and minimal management. Clients and users include organizations from the legal, corporate and insurance industries. The caseSHARE repository presently holds over 50,000 cases and claims, over 150 million pages of documents and over 8,000 registered users.
For more information please visit http://www.caseshare.com or call 877-55-SHARE.

OWR is a registered trademark of iArchives, Inc.
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